Nobody is being asked to enter into any contractual arrangements with RGL Management Limited at present. The required documentation will be available shortly and will be shown on this page and circulated to registrants.


The RGL Management approach reflects some simple conditions:


  • RGL Management will arrange all required litigation funding and nobody will be asked or expected to make any financial contribution;
  • RGL Management will arrange ATE insurance (after the event legal insurance against the other sides’ costs) to allow an indemnity to be provided to cover claimants against any adverse costs awards, if a case is lost;
  • Claimants will receive in excess of 50% of the gross proceeds of any settlement or award received.


Please note:

  • We must rely on  claimants to provide the required information, introduce potential witnesses and act as witnesses themselves in cases taken to court;
  • We cannot incur costs and proceed with legal actions which do not reflect genuine wrong-doing, or which have inadequate evidence to support the claims made, or which are are uneconomic to pursue.