RBS faces legal action over fake complaints and forgery claims

Money Marketing, 16.02.17


Royal Bank of Scotland has been accused of deliberately forging documents and is being sued by 300 firms over the issue, according to the BBC.


The BBC says several former RBS business clients allege the bank tampered with documents.


At least 300 firms plan to sue RBS over the issue, represented by group action management firm RGL Management.


RBS denies any wrongdoing.


Former RBS senior manager Mark Wright says he made a complaint to the bank in 2005 that two of the bank’s compliance team had made up five complaints about him from his own customers.


He told the BBC the bank did not properly investigate the complaints.


He says: “I had five individual customers who all came forward to me stating that the wording and conversations with this member of staff from group compliance were not their words, so effectively the telephone transcripts didn’t reflect what the customer was saying.


“I told my line manager this because he had been affected by the negative rating that group compliance had given me over these fictitious five customer complaints and falsifying the customer care calls so I decided to contact them all and the behaviour was the same with all five.”


“I discovered through a member of staff from group compliance that it would be common practice that they would falsify files if they needed to create a certain picture.”


RBS says it takes any misconduct allegations very seriously. The lender told the BBC it was aware of specific allegations, but that these have been properly investigated by the bank and occasionally bodies such as the courts and the  Information Commissioner.


The bank adds that it has found no evidence to support the allegations and categorically denies manipulating or forging customer records.

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