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Watchdog’s secret RBS meetings

The Times, 04.10.18


The Bank That Almost Broke Britain, review: A timely look at the financial crisis

Independent, 03.10.18


Clydesdale joins race for £833m RBS fund

The Telegraph, 24.09.18


RBS action group faces police review

The Times, 24.09.18


RBS chief Ross McEwan apologises in ‘misleading evidence’ row

The Times, 22.09.18


Royal Bank chief accused of keeping evidence from MPs

The Times, 15.09.18


Fred ‘The Shred’ Goodwin amasses £17million pension 10 years after RBS crash that left millions £23k worse off

Mirror, 14.09.18


RBS boss Ross McEwan ‘withheld information’ from MPs

The Herald, 14.09.18


Response to RBS failings ‘was to hit out’

The Times, 14.09.18


RBS CEO ‘Withheld Information’ in Hearing, U.K. Lawmakers Say

Bloomberg, 14.09.18


FCA boss defends watchdog’s lack of action against RBS’s turnaround unit

Irish Examiner, 11.09.18


RBS boss in bribe inquiry given payoff

The Times, 29.08.18


Small business group report aims to revive RBS scandal

Shropshire Star, 29.08.18


Royal Bank of Scotland bankers ‘joked about ruining US housing market’

Sky News, 16.08.18


Investigate RBS small business scandal, says MP Kevin Hollinrake

The Times, 12.09.18


Ulster Bank is not winding down GRG payout scheme

The Times, 06.08.18


RBS shareholders ‘can expect payout bonanza’

The Times, 05.08.18


RBS to pay first dividend in 10 years

BBC News, 03.08.18


FCA defends decision not to act over RBS small firms scandal

Sky News, 31.07.18


RBS managers will escape action over small firms scandal, says City watchdog

Belfast Telegraph, 31.07.18


RBS escapes action over controversial GRG unit

BBC News, 31.07.18


RBS censured by MPs for winding down compensation programme

The Times, 23.07.18


RBS may want closure, but it should not slam door on small businesses

The Times, 22.07.18


RBS victims face ticking clock on complaints process, 22.07.18


‘More small companies need chance of redress’

The Times, 17.04.18


MPs say Financial Conduct Authority must stand aside for next look at RBS Global Restructuring Group

The Times, 15.04.18


RBS to end ‘nightmare’ as scandal report is published

The Times, 31.01.18


RBS chiefs sorry for ‘awful’ conduct

The Times, 31.01.18


‘I was wrong – RBS unit did destroy struggling firms’: Bank chief makes a staggering U-turn in bruising session with MPs

Daily Mail, 31.01.18


RBS still giving impression that it just doesn’t get it over activities of GRG unit

Independent, 30.01.18


RBS restructuring arm did not turn around ‘vast majority’ of businesses – CEO

Reuters, 30.01.18


Metro Bank boss slams ‘toxic’ RBS culture during his tenure

Evening Standard, 30.01.18


Time to end the auditing merry-go-round

The Guardian, 30.01.18


We need to see the full regulator’s report to clear the stench of RBS

Sunday Times, 28.01.18


Small business action groups ‘should face more checks’ say campaigners

This Is Money, 27.01.18


Did RBS abuse its turnaround process? We deserve to know

City AM, 24.01.18


Business needs banks on side

News Guardian, 25.01.18


Scandals force door ajar at financial ombudsman

The Times, 23.01.18


RBS Scandal Brings U.K. FCA Review of Small Business Protections

Bloomberg, 22.01.18


Shameful past of Santander’s business chief: Ex-RBS deputy was involved in mis-selling, oversaw unit that sunk small firms – then misled MPs

Daily Mail, 22.01.18


More small businesses should be protected from bad banking, City watchdog says

The Telegraph, 22.01.18


Customers can go hang at RBS, where profit is the only motive

The Guardian, 21.01.18


Business interview: Nicky Morgan, the ex-City lawyer holding Square Mile’s chiefs to account at Westminster

Evening Standard, 19.01.18


Investors suing RBS claim ‘killing floor’ policy came from top bosses

The Herald, 19.01.18


Wrongdoing by RBS restructuring unit ‘driven from the top’, says victims group

The Herald, 18.01.18


British lawmaker points to Santander UK chief in scandal over RBS restructuring unit

Reuters, 18.01.18


Vince Cable ‘disgusted’ with FCA over RBS mistreatment of small firms

The Guardian, 18.01.18


Santander boss named in RBS scandal

BBC, 18.01.18


RBS unit memo told staff to let clients ‘hang themselves’

Financial Times, 17.01.18


Small businesses need a proper tribunal for disputes with their banks, says MP

This Is Money, 13.01.18


British MP Calls For Action Against Banks’ Small Business Mistreatment

PYMNTS, 09.01.18


MPs call on RBS boss Ross McEwan to explain bank’s behaviour in treating businesses in need

Daily Mail, 06.01.18


GRG fall-out could haunt RBS in 2018, analyst warns

Herald Scotland, 03.01.18




RBS treated me like nothing, says property developer in £30m writ

This Is Money, 16.12.17


Revealed: How corporate giants like BA, RBS and Porsche paid intelligence firms to SPY on campaign groups that challenged them – including sending in undercover agents

Daily Mail, 13.12.17


RBS scandal silence was normal, says Financial Conduct Authority
Times, 09.12.17


FCA declined to publish report on RBS unit’s treatment of small businesses over legal concerns

Independent, 05.12.17


Watchdog kept RBS scandal report secret for fear bosses would sue

The Times, 05.12.17


UK watchdog feared legal action if it published report on RBS

FT, 05.12.17


The unequal battle between banks and small companies

Times, 4.12.17


RBS management “turned a blind eye” to failings in its small business restructuring group, leaked report reveals

City AM, 3.12.17


How RBS turned blind eye to ruthless loan unit: Damning report shows bosses told staff to prey on firms

This is Money, 3.12.17


RBS bosses ‘may be liable’ over scandal

The Times, 29.11.17


MPs’ lawyer finds report into RBS mistreatment of companies ‘fair’ despite omissions on what managers knew

Telegraph, 28.11.17


City watchdog’s summary of an investigation into RBS’s restructuring group is accurate, lawyer concludes

City AM, 28.11.17


FCA publishes Final Summary of RBS’s treatment of SME customers referred to its Global Restructuring Group

FCA press release, 28.11.17


Barclays and Royal Bank of Scotland only black marks as Bank of England gives Brexit thumbs up to UK banking system

City AM, 28.11.17


UK bank scandals are making entrepreneurs reluctant borrowers

Financial Times, 20.11.17


Addressing the power imbalance in financial services

City AM, 20.11.17


Businesses don’t trust banks, says former MP Michelle Thomson in comeback

The Times, 13.11.2017


Politicians ‘misled’ on number of bankruptcies within RBS GRG unit

The Times, 13.11.2017


Financial Conduct Authority still faces tough questions over RBS Global Restructuring Group scandal

The Times, 09.11.2017


Advisers told their firms Global Restructuring Group’s secrets

The Times, 08.11.2017


RBS Global Restructuring Group targeted ‘basket case’ companies

The Times, 07.11.2017


Investor group chastises RBS for “toothless” approach to corporate governance reforms

City AM, 26.10.17


RBS at risk of ‘further action’ from watchdog over controversial turnaround unit

Newburgh Gazette, 25.10.17


Market ‘must learn lessons of RBS scandal’

The Times, 25.10.2017


Victims of RBS’s GRG must gain compensation, says business group

Yorkshire Post, 24.10.17


“Worst allegations” against RBS dismissed as GRG report is branded a “whitewash”

Scottish Financial News, 24.10.17


Financial Conduct Authority slammed for “what appears to be a whitewash” over RBS business mistreatment scandal

Herald Scotland, 24.10.17


RBS chiefs ‘deliberately mistreated small firms’

The Times, 24.10.2017


Activist group brands RBS report a “whitewash”

Scotsman, 23.10.17


RBS may face further action by financial regulator

BBC, 23.10.17


Police Scotland mull over RBS scandal complaints

The Sunday Times, 22.10.2017


RBS clarifies eligibility for GRG compensation scheme

Sunday herald, 21.10.17


Police Scotland looking into RBS treatment of small business clients

Guardian, 20.10.17


‘Sue us’ remark provokes broadside at RBS boss

Times, 16.10.17


RBS excludes thousands of small businesses from compensation

FT, 16.10.17


McEwan ‘tired of RBS being badmouthed’

The Times, 15.10.17


Cruellest bank scandal of them all: Stories of horrifying human suffering behind family firms that were deliberately driven to the wall by corrupt financiers

Daily Mail, 14.10.17


MPs threaten to force publication of critical RBS report

FT, 13.10.2017


Government link’ in RBS scandal

The Times, 04.10.2017


Former SNP MP to run for financial regulator post

FT, 27.09.17


Noel Edmonds claims publication of leaked FCA report would sink Royal Bank of Scotland

City AM, 27.09.17


I have copy of RBS scandal report, claims Noel Edmonds

The Times, 25.09.2017


RBS CEO will enact Brexit plans by March 2018 if no sign of a deal
Reuters, 22.09.2017


Former Government adviser calls on FCA to publish RBS report in full

The Yorkshire Post, 18.09.2017


Brussels approves RBS plan for boosting competition

FT, 18.09.2017


Calls grow for watchdog to publish report on rogue RBS business group

The National. 16.09.2017


U.K. Regulator Refuses Lawmaker Request to Publish RBS Report

Bloomberg, 15.09.2017


Federation of Small Businesses joins Nicky Morgan’s call for publication of report on Royal Bank of Scotland’s GRG unit

City AM, 07.09.2017


RBS boss Ross McEwan said to be on shortlist to become CEO of Australia’s largest bank

Proactive Investors, 07.09.2017


Nicky Morgan wants leaked report into RBS published

BBC, 07.09.17


RBS mistreated ailing businesses, says watchdog

Times, 26.08.17


RBS mistreated clients, leaked FCA report reveals

Guardian, 25.08.17


RBS accused of mistreating businesses in leaked report

BBC, 25.08.17


‘Disgraceful’ lack of progress by RBS over GRG group restructuring scandal

The Times, 31.07.2017


RBS braced for fresh trial after investors raise legal fees

FT, 06.06.17


RBS Lawsuit Settlement Said to Falter as Some Investors Hold Out

Bloomberg, 02.06.17


Former Torex boss eyes appeal against ‘apparent bias’ in RBS High Court ruling

Telegraph, 30.05.17


RBS Investors Back Settlement That May Avert Goodwin Clash

Bloomberg, 29.05.17


Companies still find cause for complaint about RBS scheme

Times, 29.05.17


RBS High Court case adjourned as bank makes 11th-hour offer to shareholders

Telegraph, 22.05.17


RBS settlement has left business couple feeling ‘gutted’

BBC, 18.05.17


High Court judge dismisses lawsuit against RBS from Torex ex-CEO

FT, 05.05.17


BIZ BOSS BOOST Bill Cullen and Jackie Lavin set to share windfall from Ulster Bank after row over dodgy banking practices

The Sun, 5.05.17


One firm’s RBS battle

BBC Radio 5 Live, 24.04.17


RBS forbearance hits £5bn

Credit Strategy, 21.04.17


FCA plans to publish RBS small business report within a year

City AM, 21.04.17


RBS senior executive accuses some former clients of being ‘Chancers’ seeking a payday

The Express, 16.04.17


Jim Armitage: Lloyds must tread more carefully to avoid Reading rage

Evening Standard, 22.03.17


With so much dirty money around, it’s time to make UK banks clean up their act

Guardian, 22.03.17


RBS records £4bn loss, as SMEs chase lawsuit

Credit Strategy, 27.02.17


Whistleblower’s RBS £128m court battle… says troubled bank will dishonour his allegations

This Is Money, 26.02.17


Ulster Bank writing to SMEs due automatic fee refunds

Independent Ireland, 25.02.17


Royal Bank of Scotland’s losses widen to £7bn for 2016 as mis-selling charges take their toll

City AM, 24.02.17 


RBS: Ross McEwan promises brighter future, but when?

Channel 4, 24.02.17


Former bank manager Mark Wright accuses RBS of falsifying files to hide misconduct

The National, 16.02.17


RBS accused of ‘systemic’ fraud and forgery

The Week, 16.02.17


RBS faces legal action over fake complaints and forgery claims

Money Marketing, 16.02.17


RBS accused of fraud and forgery by customers and ex-employee

BBC, 15.02.2017


RBS share price: Group rejects calls to beef up SMEs compensation scheme

Invezz, 10.02.2017




RBS share price slides on warning of £500m charge

Invezz, 25.10.16


RBS bosses face court as tycoon Stuart Wall brings Libor action

Evening Standard, 19.10.16


RBS worth £14.8bn to Treasury

Herald Scotland, 19.10.16


Stop delaying report on RBS malpractice, Tyrie tells regulator

Times, 19.10.16


Alleged RBS ‘dash for cash’ victims interviewed by police

Herald, 18.10.16


Treasury committee pushes FCA to release RBS report

Financial Times, 18.10.16


Donald MacLeod: How many lives have been ruined in the name of profit?

Sunday Post, 17.10.16


RBS blamed for farm eviction

The Scottish Farmer, 16.10.16


Call for probe over RBS ‘dash for cash’ leak

The Times, 16.10.16


RBS held to account

Sunday Times, 16.10.16


Enough damage has been done, RBS needs to admit its faults’

The Guardian, 14.10.16


Treasury denies insider dealing after disclosure of bank secrets

The Times, 13.10.16


Meet The People Who Say Their Firms Were Destroyed By RBS

Buzzfeed, 12.10.16


RBS compensation call over shutdown of Sheffield school

Sheffield Telegraph, 12.10.16


Businesses phone legal firm to seek representation in action against controversial RBS division

City AM, 12.10.16


Roger Mullin says tighter regulation of UK banks needed

The National, 12.10.16


MP calls for fraud squad probe into RBS Dash for Cash scandal

Daily Record, 12.10.16


RBS may be facing its most damaging scandal yet

The Telegraph, 11.10.16
By Ben Marlow


RBS Seeks to Ease Pressure Over Treatment of Small Businesses

Cosumnes Connection, 11.10.16


RBS faces class legal action

Herald Scotland, 11.10.16


RBS could face ‘thousands’ of global restructuring claims

Law Gazette, 11.10.16


RBS will face legal action worth billions for ‘dash for cash’ scandal

Proactive Investors, 11.10.16


RBS share price down as bank faces £1bn class legal action

Invezz, 11.10.16


Bank destroyed my business, says livestock farmer

Farmers Weekly, 10.10.16


RGL Management Ltd confirms RBS behaviours and updates on imminent legal action

Press release by RGL 10.10.16


SME class-action numbers expected to soar following RBS data leak

Daily Record, 10.10.16


RBS denies latest SME claims, lawmaker demands review publication

Reuters, 10.10.16


RBS share price dips as documents reveal malpractices

Invezz, 10.10.16


Furious MPs Call For RBS Bosses To Be “Hauled Over The Coals” Over “Dash For Cash”

BuzzFeed, 10.10.16


MPs could re-open RBS probe as leaks reveal ‘dash for cash’ in 2008

The Telegraph, 10.10.16


Leaked document reveals how RBS forced struggling firms out of business in order to hoover up their assets

Daily Record, 10.10.16


RBS ‘dash for cash’ made billions while small businesses were destroyed

International Business Times, 10.10.16


One of RBS’s worst scandals just came back to life

Business Insider, 10.10.16


RBS destroyed customers’ businesses for profit and rewarded staff who targeted struggling firms, leaked files suggest

This is Money, 10.10.16


RBS systematically destroyed its customers’ businesses for profit, leaked files show

Independent, 10.10.16


RBS Denies Deliberately Forcing Small Businesses to Collapse

Bloomberg, 10.10.16


RBS squeezed struggling businesses to boost profits, leak reveals

BBC News, 10.10.16


The Dash For Cash: Leaked Files Reveal RBS Systematically Crushed British Businesses For Profit

Buzzfeed 10.10.16


Ulster Bank sells loan portfolio to Cerberus

The Irish Times, 10.10.16


RBS legal actions mount as small firms claim £1bn

Proactive Investors, 04.10.16


Small businesses to launch £1bn legal action against RBS in early 2017

City A.M. 03.10.16


RBS facing more legal action over restructuring unit

Scottish Financial News, 22.08.2016


RBS facing action over restructuring unit this year

Herald Scotland, 22.08.16


RBS to relive unpleasant memories as investor lawsuit looms

Reuters, 22.08.16


140 small firms sue RBS for £1bn after claiming its turnaround unit forced them into administration

This Is Money, 21.08.16


Small firms to sue RBS after branding City regulator ‘too slow’

Sunday Times, 21.08.2016


RBS seeks deal on £12bn rights issue claims

Times, 28.07.16


RBS small business legal claim gains pace

Scotsman, 21.06.16


RBS faces new litigation threat over GRG

Herald Scotland, 21.06.16


RBS sued over mis-sold rates swaps

Evening Standard, 02.06.16


Royal Bank of Scotland faces wider scandal over Libor rigging

Exaro News, 23.05.16


Action group in row with City watchdog over RBS

Sunday Times, 08.05.16


UK watchdog says still no date for report on RBS business clients

Reuters, 26.04.16


RGL announces new legal team as list of claimants grows.

RGL, 26.04.16


Loss-making RBS facing £1bn claim it destroyed small firms and stripped their assets

This is Money, 26.04.16


Backing secured for legal fight against lender

The Press and Journal, 26.04.16


RBS faces claims for £1bn in damages from small businesses

Guardian, 25.04.16


SMEs to claim £1bn from RBS after the bank allegedly pushed them into failing

SME Insider, 16.04.16


RBS to axe 550 staff and replace them with ‘robo-advisers’

International Business Times, 14.03.16


Enyo Law drops one RBS claimant group for another in new GRG claim

The Lawyer, 14.03.16


RBS to cut 550 jobs as part of plan to automate investment advice

The Guardian, 13.03.16


RBS faces fresh claims for billions in damages from small business

Telegraph, 12.03.16


RBS faces claim of conspiracy

The Times, 12.03.16


RGL press release, 12 March 2016

RGL, 12.03.16


Angel Group – Conflict liquidators appointed to investigate conspiracy claims against bank

Lexology, 16.02.16


Exclusive: Whistleblowers betrayed by FCA

The Times, 25.01.16