At this stage the solicitors, counsel and RGL management are investigating the background to the activities of RBS’s GRG division and considering the causes of action that may arise. No contractual arrangements are yet in place. However, we anticipate that it will not be long before decisions can be made as to how the claim will be taken forward and at that stage further information will appear on this website about the proposed arrangements for the retention of our preferred solicitors and counsel.

In the meantime, please note that the central focus of the claim currently being investigated by RGL is a claim based in fraud, fraudulent misrepresentation and conspiracy by unlawful means. If such a claim were to be made, it is unlikely that any such claim would be subject to limitation defences. However, if any prospective claimant believes that it may have other claims against RBS (or others) that, by reason of the passage of time, may be running into (or may already have encountered) limitation issues, any such claimant should seek immediate advice from a solicitor.