Q. Does it cost me anything to register with RGL Management?

A. No, there is no cost to registering. You simply provide some basic contact details and we will be in touch shortly afterwards about the next steps. There is no cost at any point in our process, unless and until your case is successful. There is no possibility that you will lose money as a result of this legal action undertaken by RGL on your behalf.

Q. Is this a no win, no fee action against RBS?

A. In effect, yes. RGL Management will arrange funding to cover all costs, and ensure that After The Event (ATE) insurance is provided, so that our claimants will not have to pay any adverse costs awarded, in the event that your claim is unsuccessful. You can read more about this on the pages Our case and Compliance and disclosures

Q. How will RGL fund the legal process against RBS?

A. RGL has formal investment committee approval from Therium Capital Management Limited, a leading City of London-based specialist litigation funder. You can read more detail on our About us page.

Q. What will be the process of taking action against RBS?

A. The exact process of how so many cases will be dealt with by the Court will not be known until we have actually begun to issue proceedings and the matter has been determined by a series of Case Management Conferences. You can read more about it on the page Our case.

Q. Can I still take action against RBS if my company has been dissolved?

A. Yes, our team will guide you through this process at the appropriate time.

Q. How long will it all take?

A. Timescales are still unclear at the moment. We will have a clearer idea when we have begun to issue proceedings.

Q. I have heard that it may be impossible for me to bring a case against RBS because of limitation. Is that true?

A. That depends upon the facts of your case. You can read more about it on the page Our case.

Q. How will I know how things are progressing?

A. We have a regular email update which we send out to everyone who is registered with us. Once your case against RBS is handed over to our legal team, they will guide you through the process and update you on progress.

Q. Is RGL Management running a class action against RBS GRG?

A. No. This cannot be a class action against RBS because the facts of the potential cases which have been brought to our attention vary to such a great extent. A class action requires the facts/circumstances to be identical or very similar. In our group action, each legal case against RBS will stand on its own merits.

Q. Can I choose my own firm of solicitors, or barrister, to act against RBS?

A. No. RGL Management will retain Humphries Kerstetter LLP, or another firm of comparable solicitors, to act on your behalf against RBS in this matter. However, if you have a lawyer who has knowledge or documentation relating to your potential case, it is likely that it would be useful for us to make contact with them.

Q. Will I have to appear in court?

A. If your case progresses to a court case against RBS, you may have to appear in court to give evidence.

Q. Is RGL Management connected with the RBS GRG Business Action Group?

A. No, we are an entirely different company. We have no connection with the RBS GRG Business Action Group. You should note that we offer a fully-funded and insured service with no risk to the claimant. In addition, RGL Management is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, in respect of regulated claims management activities.

Q. Why is it important that you are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

A. You can read more about what this means for you on this page of the Ministry of Justice website. And here is a link to the listing of RGL’s registration.

Q. What documentation should I retain, which may be useful as evidence in a court case against RBS?

A. Please do not destroy, or dispose of, anything at all which could potentially be used as evidence in a future case. As well as letters, emails, and bank loan documentation including terms & conditions, this also includes text messages, and your own notes from meetings or telephone calls. If in doubt, KEEP IT!

And if you know that other friendly or neutral parties are holding potential evidence, then it would be helpful if you could either obtain and keep copies, or at least ensure that they are preserving the information.

Q. What is your opinion of the RBS GRG compensation scheme?

A. As we understand it, this will not help any owners of businesses that are struck off, or dissolved, or in an insolvency process, as those owners do not have a personal right to make a claim under the scheme. The amount set aside is £400m, from which all related administration costs also have to be covered, and the scope of claims is limited to the refund of certain specific types of fees and charges. This seems to be a very small global amount with very restricted conditions for entitlement to a payment. We understand that payments made may also be subject to signing away all other rights of claim. So caution is required and we suggest you should seek separate and specific advice should you decide to proceed with a claim in this scheme.

Q. I have a friend whose business was damaged by RBS. Is it too late for them to join the RGL Management action group?

A. No. If you know anyone else whose business was damaged by RBS, please tell them about sueRBS.com, and ask them to go to our registration page. Once they have registered, we will contact them to get further details about their claim.

Q. I know someone who may be prepared to act as a whistle-blower against RBS. Would you be interested in speaking to them?

A. Yes. We have a dedicated page for whistle-blowers against RBS, where they can leave us a message. They can choose whether they leave us their contact details, or they prefer to remain anonymous.

Q. How else can I help with what you are doing?

A. We have contracted with an on-line e-book publisher to write the stories of victims of RBS and GRG. We are keen to build a library of these stories, telling the full extent of the personal and corporate damage inflicted upon people by RBS. These stories will take the form of short stories dealing with the key salient points of what happened. In each case a skilled writer will meet with and interview the person in question. As the library is developed and published we will syndicate and release the stories through the national press, which will greatly assist in placing pressure on RBS. If you would be interested in taking part in this initiative, please let us know by using our contact page.