BIZ BOSS BOOST Bill Cullen and Jackie Lavin set to share windfall from Ulster Bank after row over dodgy banking practices

The Sun, 5.05.17


EX-Apprentice boss Bill Cullen and his partner Jackie Lavin could be set for a windfall from Ulster Bank in a row over dodgy banking practices.


The bank, which closed 22 of it’s rural branches in March, faces paying out around €50million to 2,140 Irish businesses that went bust after they were taken over by the financial institution.


Parent company Royal Bank of Scotland set up a Global Restructuring Group for struggling SMEs during the recession.


Between 2008 and 2013 about 12,000 companies in the UK and Ireland were placed in this ­internal bad bank, which operated like a mini-Nama.


Out of the total, 2,140 of these businesses were Irish.