About RGL


RGL Management initiates, builds and prosecutes large, complex multi-party commercial legal actions.


RGL specialises in large complex group representative actions against banks, typically on behalf of SME claimants, and is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities.


We only accept sound cases with a high probability of success, and we can attract funding deals with the most substantial and respected professional litigation funders, as well as attracting the very best legal talent in that field.


The RGL management team possesses specific expertise in this sector with extensive experience in law, investment banking, accountancy, insolvency, IT, corporate operational management and claimant communication.


It is also crucial to build the right external team for each project, typically including: solicitors and counsel; processing (back-office) resource; funding; insurance; and other specialist advisory services such as investigation, PR, social media support and IT.


NB: If you have previously registered with any other group intending to take action in this regard, there is nothing to stop you from registering with us now. Please note that RGL Management Limited is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. In addition, we are able to deliver a complete funding package, along with insurance to offset any potential adverse costs liability.


Management team


James Hayward – Managing Director, is a lawyer and investment banker with experience in the US, UK and Australia. He has vast experience in identifying opportunities and managing risk and costs associated with investing in litigation. He has run many large, complicated, multi-party, commercial actions and also been involved in the litigation funding industry.


Anthony Lahert is a highly-experienced executive, having served on boards in the UK, US and Europe. Tony founded, and is chairman of, www.ksl-it.com, a 900 member action group associated with legal claims running to hundreds of millions of dollars against financial institutions and professional advisers in the UK and US. Certain targeted defendants have settled before court action, with ongoing legal proceedings against others in New York and London.


Alan Thomas is a chartered accountant with extensive, broad experience as an insolvency practitioner and businessman, and in running action groups against large financial institutions and advisers, including www.ksl-it.com


Simon Davenport QC is Head of Chambers at 3 Hare Court. Simon is a leader at the bar in insolvency, company law, civil fraud and commercial litigation and he is widely regarded as a powerful advocate, a team player and a very clever case strategist.


Systems and claimant services


Neil Hargreaves has worked with SMEs, at General Manager and Director level, for 30 years. After training in accountancy, he has gained extensive experience in website development, purchasing, supplier management, logistics, project management and customer services. Neil also provided assistance to the KSL-IT legal action.



Legal team


Our solicitors and barristers are proceeding on the basis of significant discounted and contingent fee agreements. This, in itself, gives reason for confidence in our process.


Humphries Kerstetter LLP is a law firm based in the City of London specialising in high-stakes commercial litigation. Its partners all come from large international law firms. HK LLP has extensive experience acting against large commercial and investment Banks. It is a pre-eminent litigation only, no-conflict firm in this field.


Mark Humphries is the founder of the firm and has over 30 years’ commercial litigation experience. He was a partner and Head of Advocacy at Linklaters LLP (“Linklaters”) for many years prior to founding the firm. Mark acts for a number of major corporates in a wide range of contentious matters. He also has experience in large group litigation and group settlements. He is a very experienced solicitor-advocate, and legal and commercial strategist. Mark has been cited consistently by legal directories as a leader in the field of commercial litigation. He is a member of the Council of The Law Society.


Kristopher Kerstetter is the managing partner of the firm with over 15 years’ commercial litigation experience. He is formerly of Linklaters and has extensive experience in complex international commercial disputes including financial litigation.


3 Hare Court Chambers – RGL are represented by Simon Davenport QC, Aidan Casey QC and Daniel Lewis of 3 Hare Court Chambers.


Simon Davenport QC specialises in commercial dispute cases, insolvency and civil fraud. He is head of the Chambers groups in all of these areas and is widely acclaimed as a leading silk in these fields across the Bar, and named as a Leading Silk in these areas in the major directories.

He is trusted in the largest scale litigation, and widely recognised as an advocate of the first rank, a clever strategist and a highly effective cross-examiner.

Simon has been appointed to the Serious Fraud Office approved list of Queen’s Counsel, was appointed to the Treasury Solicitors’ panel of Queen’s Counsel, and is a member of both the Policy Group and the Fraud Group of R3. In 2015, he was elected as a bencher of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple.

He has recently been conducting the Aeroflot v Berezovsky litigation ($150 million alleged fraud by an oligarch), the Baha Mar Chapter 11 ($3.5 billion insolvency of Bahamas resort in the Delaware bankruptcy court with Daniel Lewis), NGM v Wallis (£50 million fraud trial) and Coventry v Lawrence (lead case in Supreme Court on litigation funding), KMR v Forsters ($100-200 million loss of Russian oil field exploration rights; construction of contracts) as well as many other substantial cases in the Chancery and Commercial Courts, including ongoing litigation relating to SWAPS and forex mis-selling claims.


Aidan Casey QC specialises in heavyweight commercial litigation. He is recommended as a leading barrister in the Legal 500 and in Chambers and Partners for Commercial Litigation and for Civil Fraud, and is renowned for intellectual prowess coupled with a commercial approach.

He has substantial experience of very large claims arising from the recent Libor-rigging events and from related interest rate hedging product sales, and is currently instructed in a number of cases in those fields. He also has a particular interest in similar claims arising from forex-rigging.

Aidan’s recent reported cases include USA v Abacha (acting for Standard Chartered in an action by the USA against the son of Sani Abacha, former president of Nigeria), the Aeroflot v Berezovsky litigation, Alternative Power Solution v Standard Chartered (seminal Privy Council banking case on the fraud exception in letters of credit) and AM Holdings v Henderson Global Investors (acting, with Simon Davenport QC, for the investor in a dispute involving seizure by lenders of a highly valuable site in Leadenhall).


Daniel Lewis specialises in insolvency and company law, and civil fraud.  He is recognised by Legal 500 as a leading junior in insolvency.  He regularly acts for office-holders, particularly in relation to claims and interim injunctions for the preservation and recovery of company assets.

His recent reported cases include: the Baha Mar Chapter 11 proceedings (in the Delaware bankruptcy court with Simon Davenport QC), American Leisure Group Ltd. v. Wright (jurisdiction dispute relating to allegedly fraudulent IPO), Hamilton v. Brown (minority shareholder’s petition in respect of group of companies operated by bankrupt whilst disqualified), Re Advalorem Value Asset Fund Limited (in the Gibraltar Supreme Court with Simon Davenport QC, claims in relation to a fraud on UK pension funds).



RGL recognises that most claimants will have little or no financial capacity to fund legal action for themselves. Therefore, we deliver a full package of funding and “After the Event” (ATE) insurance to remove litigation costs and potential liability for claimants through the process of litigation.


RGL has formal investment committee approval from Therium Capital Management Limited, a leading City of London-based specialist litigation funder to fund the action and provide ATE insurance. Therium will act as lead funder. Importantly, the facility is uncapped and will fund the entire litigation process against RBS, the estimated cost of which is in excess of £40 million, excluding the cost of issuing claims.


This funding enables RGL to progress on behalf of claimants without the need for any funding contribution.