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RGL initiates, builds and prosecutes large, complex, multi-party commercial legal proceedings.

RGL specialises in large, complex, group representative actions against banks, typically on behalf of SME corporate claimants, and is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities.

We only accept sound cases with a high probability of success, and we can attract funding deals with the most substantial and respected professional litigation funders, as well as engaging the very best legal talent in the field.

The RGL management team possesses specific expertise in this sector, with extensive experience in law, investment banking, accountancy, insolvency, IT, corporate operational management, and claimant communication.

It is also crucial to build the right external team for each project, typically including: solicitors and counsel; processing (back-office) resource; funding; insurers; and other specialist advisory services, such as investigation, PR, social media and IT.

In sueRBS.com we represent business owners who have suffered, mainly at the hands of RBS’s Global Restructuring Group (“GRG”), and most of whom lost their businesses built through dedicated, honest, hard work.

RGL will sue the Royal Bank of Scotland Plc (“RBS”) on behalf of these businesses, in order to win meaningful compensation for claimants. If you feel you have a valid claim against RBS, because your business suffered as a result of the actions of its GRG division, please go to our Register page and enter your contact details. You will be contacted shortly thereafter so we can develop a more complete picture of what happened in your case.

There is no cost or financial risk involved.

NB: If you have previously registered with any other group intending to take action against RBS in this regard, there is nothing to stop you from registering with us now. RGL Management Limited is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. In addition, we are able to deliver a complete funding package, along with insurance to offset any potential adverse costs liability.

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If you suffered at the hands of Clydesdale Bank or Yorkshire Bank, please visit our sister site sueClydesdaleVisit

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